Meeting Rooms

The South Charleston Public LIbrary has 3 meeting rooms.

The library allows these meeting rooms to be scheduled and used by public groups on a space-available basis.

Non-profit groups and for-profit groups may use the room, subject to charges as outlined.

For-profit groups may use the meeting room for training or general meetings, but not for sales to the public.

Library events have first priority, and groups that reserve the a meeting space do so with the understanding that reservations may be changed due to emergent library needs.

Meeting rooms are not available for personal events such as parties.

No alcohol is permitted on library premises.

Only groups of ten or more may reserve meeting space on a regular basis.

The auditorium meeting rooms seat 30 to 50 people, depending on room arrangement; the meeting rooms may be combined to accommodate groups of up to 100 people.

Library tables and chairs are available, but all set up – and returning the room as it was before the meeting – is the responsibility of the group.

A variety of library audiovisual equipment is available for group use, free of charge, and must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. Equipment availability is first-come first-served is not guaranteed without advance notice.

Copy, print, scan, or fax services are available at the usual rate of services.

Set up time must be scheduled within normal library hours.

All meetings must be finished and rooms reset by the group no later than the scheduled meeting end time, and absolutely no later than 15 minutes prior to library closing.

All meeting rooms are expected to be cleaned with furniture left as it was found.

Groups meeting at the library may not use the library as a mailing or official group address.

Groups that do not follow library policies or directives given by library staff will no longer be permitted to reserve library meeting rooms.

To Reserve a Room

To reserve a meeting room, contact the Library at 304-744-6561 to determine availability.

The meeting room is booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Library events have first priority.

Charges and Fees

Non-profit groups whose meetings are FREE and open to the public will not be charged for use of the Library meeting rooms.

Non-profit groups charging more than a $50 fee each for an event will be required to pay $25 per hour for use of the room.

Non-profit groups charging less than a $50 fee each for an event will be required to pay $15 per hour for use of the room.

For-profit groups which meet other requirements for the use of the room will be required to pay $25 per hour for use of the room.