Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a library card at the South Charleston Public Library, you must present a picture ID with a current address or a picture ID and another proof of address. Examples of other documents that prove your address include mail received at your address which includes your name and address, a utility bill, a voter registration card, an insurance card or vehicle registration card with both name and address, etc.
The Library does not have an age limit. However, if you are under 18, the application must be signed for by a parent or legal guardian. The parent or guardian also must have or apply for a South Charleston Public Library card when minors are registered.
No. As long as you have a valid ID and current address, you do not have to live in South Charleston to get a library card.
No. The South Charleston Public Library is NOT part of the Kanawha County Library system.  We are a separate municipal library.
No. The South Charleston Public Library is NOT part of the Kanawha County Library system. We are a separate municipal library. All items borrowed here must be returned here. Any items borrowed from a Kanawha County Library must be returned to a Kanawha County Library.
All persons who join the library accept responsibility for materials checked out, to return materials when due, and to pay fines for late, lost, or damaged items. This means that you are responsible for anything checked out on your card even if it was a friend who used the item.
Books and audio materials: $.10 a day
All DVDs and videogames are $1.00 a day
Refunds are not granted, even if the material is later found in good condition. The patron may return said material and use the replacement costs as a donation to the Library. Or they may keep the item that was lost and paid for.

Supporting the Library

There are many ways you can support the Library. The Library is happy to accept your support in big and small ways. We accept monetary donations, book donations, craft supplies, volunteerism, and business sponsorship.