South Charleston Public Library Tile Replacement

The City of South Charleston requests bids for the replacement of tile located at the South Charleston Public Library. All materials and labor for installation and removal of the existing tile. Maintaining operating hours need to be included in the proposed bid.
The location of the work to be performed is 312 4th Avenue South Charleston, WV 25303. The areas of replacement include meeting rooms, entryway, and circulation area. The library will provide an employee for access to the inside area of the building for necessary work.
Quotes to be returned no later than 1:00 pm January 15, 2018 to:
South Charleston Public Library
312 4Th Ave
South Charleston, WV 25303
Attn: Library Director

Bids to be valid for 30 days and include all material and labor necessary to complete the job in a professional workman like fashion, in compliance with all applicable building, electrical and fire codes. The City reserves the right to have the proposals reviewed by a qualified architect and selection will be based on the overall best value for the project.

Any questions please contact Todd Duncan, Library Director 304-744-6561 or email

SCPL Tile Replacement Bid Documents


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